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Sherry Shiek (Schwarzkopf)
July 02, 1962 Married 4
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Kimberly Sowa
Medical Office Specialist Widowed 2
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Patty Springer (Maiers)
December 26, 1961 Dental asst Married 2
Can't believe 30 years have gone by!  Looking forward to seeing everyone.  Send Patty a MessageSend Patty a Message
Patty Springer (Maiers)
Dental Married 2
We have been living in the south Metro since 1985.  Lakeville is our home and we love it here!  I have gotten into running distance races about 7 years ago.  My farthest distance is a half marathon and have no intention to do a full!  I see what they look like after crossing the finish after 26.2 miles.  Not pretty.  I am doing my first duathlon this May.  A run, bike run event.  Should be fun!  
Our two girls are grown up.  Youngest in college the oldest graduated from St Bens a few years back and working in St Louis Park.  She is engaged, but no wedding date is set.  
Mike and I try to get up north as much as we can in the summer.  Mike is an avid cross country skier in the winter.  Has done several Birke's in Wisconsin.  We currently sing at our local church and Mike is still playing his bass guiter.  
May not be able to attend the reunion.  Our daughter is heading back to campus that weekend in Grand Forks.  She has to be there a week early for marching band.  We will be moving her back "home"  Hopefully we can figure out a way to see you all!
Doug Studanski
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October 06, 1961 Self Employed Married 3
Hi everyone!  Sorry to miss the reunion.  I'll be on a motorcycling vacation in New Mexico that day.  I've been happily married to Sheri Oltz for 23 years. We have 3 kids – Tyler 20 is attending school at Bethel in St. Paul, Levi 19 is attending Ridgewater in Willmar, Shelby 16 will be a Junior next year. My mother has also lived with us the last 4 years. And Shelby’s good friend Crystal has lived with us for 2 years. We enjoy camping and spending time together as a family. I’m still addicted to anything with a motor and love riding motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATV’s and PWC’s. This was my motivation for moving to Willmar and purchasing a motorcycle dealership in 1994. We’ve grown and expanded over the years and enjoy the lifestyle the business has provided for us. I started reading the Bible and trying to be obedient to what is says for the last 10 years. This has greatly improved all areas of my life and I would strongly encourage anyone to consider moving in that direction. I hope you are all doing well and navigating all the speed bumps of life successfully.  Send Doug a MessageSend Doug a Message
Brenda Thompson (Foster)
July 28, 1962 nursing assistant Married 5
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Crystal Tiala
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Associate Professor in Theater Married
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Sue Vacinek (Saumer)
July 10, 1962 Admin Assistant Married 2
Lori Viogt (Balstad)
October 18, 1961 Elementary Teacher (stay at home mom) Married 4
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Cindy Weyer (Lewandowski)
April 08, 1962 Registered Nurse Married 2
Life never slows down no matter where we are at, so at 2 days before the reunion, I thought I'd better get up to speed with the rest of this motivated group & share something about the last 30 years.  I've been married for 28 years now, with 2 grown children.  Ryan is 24 and Katie is 22.  Both college grads are back in school.  We are back living in Sartell now, after spending some time raising kids in Fargo & going to college there.  I currently work in surgery at St. Cloud Hospital, having taken on the charge role for the Orthopedic Team 16 years ago.  It is a wonderful field of work, with lots of technological changes over the years. 
My husband Donnie & I got into competing in running events & triathlons about 14 years ago.  This hobby has given us the chance to do some extensive traveling all over the US & Europe.  My goal at this point is to run a marathon in all 50 states (what better way to see our country).  There is actually a formal club for people who do crazy things like this.  We have taken on the role of Co-presidents of the St.Cloud River Runners club, hoping to motivate others to take on an active lifestyle.   We also take time for fun hobbies, like golfing & fishing this time of the year. 
I hope to catch up with everyone in a couple of days.  For those that cannot make it back to see your classmates, I hope you are doing well & life has been good to you.  Live for today & make the most of it. 
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