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Gary Odelius
July 05, 1962 Owner / Gary's Insulation Services LLC Married 3
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Jane Packert (Packert Fread)
June 13, 1962 Office Manager Married
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Robin Painter (Ufford)
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July 19, 1962 Married 5
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Ramona Pazdernik (Montreuil)
August 09, 1962 Senior Forensic Chemist

30 years-wow-how the years zip by.  I live in Connecticut and work as a forensic chemist in New York City.  I enjoy gardening and taking care of a variety of pets.  (Sometimes there doesn't seem to be enough hours in a day to get everything done.)  I continue to be blessed with good health and can only wish the same for all my classmates.  I, unfortunately, don't get back to MN often enough and won't be able to attend the reunion; however, I look forward to reading the updates on this website.  (Thanks to the committe members for all the hard work.)

Joanne Petron (Petron-Skaj)
February 11, 1962 Dining Service-St. John's University Divorced 2
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Linda Poganski (Rein)
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April 06, 1962 Admin Assistant Divorced 2
Proud mother of two grown daughters, both in college. Funny how the kids get older but we as parents don't! Been  trying to adjust to the empty nest syndrome, sure is different. Buffalo has been my home for nearly 22 years. Divorced for nearly 6 years. Love the independence that comes with that. Can anyone else believe that we are all nearly 50? Wasn't it yesterday when we were 18 and thinking we knew EVERYTHING? Amazing, to think about how much time has passed. Send Linda a MessageSend Linda a Message
Lori Reischl (Euteneuer)
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March 11, 1962 Child Care Provider Married 3
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Lori Reischl/Euteneuer
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CentraCare Home Care and Hospice Married 3
After 28 years as a day care provider I decided to grow up and get a big girl job.
Looking forward to seeing everyone.
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RhondaLee Richter (Breitzman)
July 19, 1961 Married 5
My husband and I moved back to Minnesota in July of 09. We spent the last 20 years in Wisconsin.  We have 5 children, 1 boy and 4 girls. We now have 8 grandchildren, 7 boys and 1 girl.  We are living in Sauk Rapids and taking care of my mother the main reason for moving back here.  I am going back to school at this time for Management Accounting and working part-time at Kmart.  My husband is looking for work at this time, but still runs our business in the mean time.  Not sure if we will be able to attend the class reunion, as we are both very busy with the business and family.  Sure wish I could say that I would be there.  If anyone would like to get in touch with me please feel free to send me an email and I will responed as soon as I can.  Hope you all have a great time at the reunion. Send RhondaLee a MessageSend RhondaLee a Message
Mary Jo Russell (Zwilling)
December 06, 1961 Educational Assistant/MSB College..Massage Therapy Married 3
 Hey Everyone and a Happy New Year to you all!
I've been married 18 years ( hm:) second time around.  Two sons in the United States Airforce.  Cory and his wife Heather reside in Sartell and our son Chris and his wife Trissy just tranferrred from Peterson Air Force in Colorado Springs to the great state of Great Falls Montana. They both have given us a few grey hairs to us with them both being deployed in the past seven years.  Our daughter Katrina just graduated this past year and is living in St. Cloud working, going to school and doing what most eighteen year old are doing at that Very proud of them all. We are back to being self-employed in the logging industry once again.  Has to be in Marks blood, never left him.  Do what makes you happy and the $$ is nice to have too!  Till we all meet again, best wishes to you all for a great 2010.  Mary Jo:)
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