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Dave Kalla
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April 13, 1962 Corrections Officer (MCF) Married 2
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Jenny Knapek (Campbell)
April 11, 1962 Cargill/Operations Manager Married 3
Karla Knettel (Wolter)
September 18, 1961 Retired R.D.H. Married 5

Ray and I are enjoying life on the lake. It is fun to watch our kids grow.We spend alot of time bussing them around.  Ray continues to work at H.T.I. . He enjoys using his music skills by directing the church cantors/choir. I volunteer and love to craft/knit.

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Patrick Kuefler
Enforcement Section Chief, USEPA Married 2

I am looking forward to seeing all of you on the 24th.  Here are the obligatory statistics:  Married to Janet (from Parma Hts, OH) since 1988.  We have two daughters--Katie, age 17 and Caroline, age 9.  We live in a really friendly nook of a neighborhood in Glen Ellyn, IL and commute by train to the Loop in Chicago to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency where Janet works as an Environmental Scientist and I work as a Section Chief.  We live a typical suburban life of soccer games, viola lessons and infinite activities centered around work, kids, and neighborhood. 


I have spent the last 30 years doing a big loop around the western part of the country and appear to be slowly returning to Minnesota.  I’ve squandered the 80s in college, Alaska and California, much of the 90s in Arizona and the first part of this century in Chicago.  A couple to years ago we bought a place near Blackduck, MN where I drag my city girls to learn to fish, shoot various devices and enjoy biting insects.


I still enjoy running, obscure historical facts, and working.
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Kim Martin (Whittles)
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August 03, 1962 Management Consultant Married
2015 Update: Forget 35 years, how did the past 5 go by so quickly? Didn't we just do this? I left Target 4 years ago to become a Management Consultant. I've also done some teaching as an adjunct instructor in both a graduate program and an undergraduate program and I really love doing that!

Steve and I are still being amused and challenged daily by "The Frenchie Mafia." They are getting older, but they are still awesome (gee, that could be our class reunion motto)! One of our little nuggets is blind now and they're all seniors so it should be an interesting upcoming few years in the "Whittles Home for Aging but Cute Snorty Dogs!"

I traded in my motorcycle for a convertible, which is a blast! No more helmet hair, and I feel a bit safer - if some knucklehead hits me while driving and texting, at least I stand a bit more of a chance in the car.

In the past four years, we've lost four of the most important people in our lives to cancer, to ALS, and to time. In that same period of time, though, we have welcomed four grandchildren and a great-niece . . . all of whom we love like crazy! I guess we are all living the "circle of life," aren't we?

Wishing you all nothing but great things and a fun time at the reunion!


Like everyone else, I can't believe it's been 30 years!  Yikes!  Then, I take an honest look in the mirror and think, "Yep, I guess maybe it has been awhile!"

I have two grown step-kids, and Steve and I are "dog parents" to three French Bulldogs.  To escape the craziness of a three dog household, we like to get our motorcycles out and just get lost on country highways, cook together (actually, I watch him cook!), or try out new, unique restaurants.

In addition to working, chasing dogs around, and keeping up with kids, nieces, and nephews, I have been in grad school full-time for the past two years.  That has (mercifully) come to an end, though, as I earned my Master's degree in December.  I am now looking forward to getting reacquainted with my life and with the people in it! 
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Gary NA (Mead)
September 19, 1962 Chief Engineer Married 3
Live in Morris, MN. Married 27 yrs to Sandy. Three daughters.. Jessica 28, Kelly 24, Jaime 19. Two grandsons and one more due in April. Work in the Ethanol Production field. Send Gary a MessageSend Gary a Message
Jill Mead (Urbanski)
June 16, 1962 Paraprofessional Married 6
Hello everyone, Boy do you feel like your parents? I didn't think that would happen so soon. I have had a busy life so far and it's not slowing down or I'm getting to old to keep up the pace. Yes I am still married to Greg. Just celebated 31 years together we have 6 children only one left at home. We also are expecting our 10th, yes 10th grandchild. 8 boys and 2 girls. We also got a inside dog, a Morky named Cosmo. What were we thinking. The more the merrier I quess. My husband retired last July so we are hoping to begin our travels. I got my motorcycle license so look out here I come. Having a blast riding. You may think midlife crisis I say enjoy life while you still have it. Blessings on you all and hope to see you. Send Jill a MessageSend Jill a Message
Cheryl Mendel (Scapanski)
March 14, 1962 General Manager Widowed 3
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Darice Mihlbauer (Johnson)
Diagnostic Medical Sonographer Married 2
Theresa Montag (Goenner)
August 04, 1962 Married 4
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