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Lori Gans (Nystrom)
March 30, 1962 Administrative Coordinator/Regional Elite Airline Svcs. Married 2
So sorry for missing the reunion and not getting back to you guys.  I was hosting my Dad's birthday celebration at my house the next day so unfortunately a trip to St. Cloud was not going to work out.   I am sure everyone had a great time. Thanks for all the planning and effort. Send Lori a MessageSend Lori a Message
Lori Gasser
November 03, 1961 Fingerhut/Order Processing Clerk Single
tim groff
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December 24, 1961 City Utility Operator Married 1
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Kris Henkemeyer (Hammer)
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April 06, 1962 Accountant Married 2
2020 Update
Looking forward to seeing everyone in September....if we are done social-distancing by then! I am living my best life....working at the hospital in Glenwood, MN - blessed with 4 grandkids and loving life to the fullest!

And I thought time would slow down the more birthdays I had! Guess not!! My husband, Gary, and I will celebrate our 33rd anniversary this year. We are still living in Becker, been here 29 years - why change now? Our daughter lives in Portland OR with her boyfriend and canine kid. Our son lives in Grand Forks with his wife, 9 year old step son, 10 month old daughter and two canine kids. I had no idea how awesome being a grandma is!! I'm loving every minute of it. I am looking forward to catching up with many of you in August. Hope to see you there!

Time for a 10 year update! 
Gary and I are still married - 28 years of marital bliss! Both of our children have graduated from college and are well into their careers.

In 2006 I FINALLY passed the CPA exam. Long time coming!

In 2008 I fought the battle (and a battle it is) against breast cancer and WON!!!

Currently I am working in the finance department at the hospital in Monticello.

The latest "hobby" in the Hammer household is grape growing/wine making. If you find yourself driving through Becker, give a call - we love to talk grapes and wine!!

Life is good, very, very good. I am blessed!
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Christy Herman (Schneider)
December 23, 1961 Business Office - Spine Clinic Married 2
Can't wait to see you at the Radisson!!! Send Christy a MessageSend Christy a Message
Mary Hoffman (Fredericksen)
August 13, 1962 Bookkeeper Married 5
I can't believe it has been 30 year's! Send Mary a MessageSend Mary a Message
Sheryl Hoffman (Yassin)
February 10, 1962 Registered Nurse Neonatal Intensive Care 3
Looking forward to seeing you all once again!!  Send Sheryl a MessageSend Sheryl a Message
Christine (Tina) Hommerding (Renslow)
January 31, 1962 Finance Coordinator Married 2
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Annette Janski Schueller
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Administrative Married 2
Life is good, I have a married daughter, with her 2 children. and a married Son. I really enjoy being a grandma, I am still working, office administration. Looking forward to hearing from everyone and seeing you at the reunion! Send Annette a MessageSend Annette a Message
robby johnson
June 12, 1984 Divorced 2
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