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Joe Ackerman
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October 16, 1961 Parish Administrator/Hoof Trimmer/Farmer Married 2
Hey everyone, enjoyed reading the profiles.  Facebook, Twitter, Google, I-Pods: so many new words since 1980.  Older I get, the dumber I feel.
Still in Sauk Rapids.  Helping younger brothers with their farming and dairy cattle hoof trimming in additon to the regular job.  Cheaper to help brothers than going to a shrink, spirtual counselor or drinking from the bottle.
Have many nieces and nephews, many attending Sauk Rapids school.  Two daughters, one junior in HS and one junior in college.  Married 26 years to Janet.
Flying home from Texas the day of the reunion from previously committed service trip with my oldest daughter.  Will try to make it for a late night drink.  Take care all!
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Phillip Bares
May 13, 1962 Maintenance Planner/Scheduler Married 2
Hello everyone.
I am living in beautiful Eau Claire, WI with my wife Becky and two sons, Ryan (15 yrs old) and Brandon (12 years old).  We spend most our time running the kids to sporting events.  In the summer we spend a lot of time on the water.  I am looking forward to see everyone at the Raddison this summer.
Phillip Bares
May 13, 1962 Production Supervisor Married 2
Hello everyone.
My wife Becky and I are still living in Eau Claire, WI.  My oldest son Ryan is attending the University of Wisonsin, Eau Claire.  He is working on becoming a pilot.  My younger son Brandon graduates from High School this spring and will be attending Stout University in Menomonie, WI.  He wants to major in Business, at least for now.  I am working at Cascades Tissue.  It is a paper mill in Eau Claire.  I am currently supervising two production lines.  

We like to take advantage of all Wisconsin has to offer so we like to fish, hunt, camp, play on the water, go kayaking and ride ATV.  Notice how most of what we do is durring the warmer months.  I am finding that I am getting less tollerant of the cold as the years go on so I tend to do what all Bares do, hibernate.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in August.
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Sara Bergeson (Wilson)
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June 20, 1962 Legal Assistant Married 4
Hello Classmates!

S-R-H-S '80, no way!
30 years ago we had quite a day
Firm and strong, united we say
Rah, rah, rah for 48
Rah, rah, rah, rah
Time now to celebrate!

(I had fun updating the words to our school song.  Will you sing it with me at the reunion -- I know we are not all 48, but it was the rhyme that worked in my head.)

Where have 30 years gone?  We have lots of catching up to do.  I've already enjoyed reading about some of you on this website.

My husband, Michael, and our 10 year old, James, moved to Arizona in October of 2008.  We enjoy it here, especially the nice weather in the Fall, Winter and Spring.  We miss our families, though, including our older kids who live in the Twin Cities (Lindsay - 29, Willie - 25, Steve - 24).  Michael and I have two granddaughters.  Our first is two year old Ava (Lindsay and Bobby's daughter).  Second is Brooke (Willie and Jenny's daughter), born March 16th, 2010.  I love being a grandma!  James loves being an uncle.  He is going into 5th grade, so now I am thinking back to 5th grade at Pleasantview Elementary.  Those are my earliest school memories, except for shaking hands with Darice in 1st grade asking her to be my friend.  I could never forget that (especially because of how many times Darice has retold that story :).  We had a lot of fun in school, didn't we?

Now, one thing I am so grateful for is the chance to keep singing and making music. All those rehearsals and concerts at SRHS helped me realize how important music is in my life. Sometime in 1982, when I was going to Augsburg College in Minneapolis, I started to write songs.  No one was more shocked than me.  I was walking down the street on my way back to my apartment, when I started singing to myself, "Today is the day I'm gonna smile a lot. Today is the day I'm gonna put others first. Today is the day I'm gonna live like my Savior did. Today is every day." Since then, I have written more than a hundred songs. My husband has set me up with my own recording studio in our home - with technology these days the equipment is compact enough, a home studio is very doable. So, in my free time, I love to record.

My parents, remember Sylvia and Glenn?, are doing so well and are very happy living in Glenwood, MN, and my sister and brothers are also doing well and live in St. Cloud and Sauk Rapids. 
In August of 2009, I got a great job downtown Phoenix.  I am very thankful for that. I've had to put piano teaching on hold, but sometimes get to help the neighbor kids with their assignments (even a flute player).  Shouldn't forget my son, James, because he likes to play the piano, too.

If you haven't posted your profile yet, please do.  Can't wait to see you on the 24th!

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Suzy Coborn (Ellis)
March 01, 1962 teacher (now stay at home) Married
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Alan Czarnetzki
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Professor of Meteorology Married 1
Unfortunately, I wasn't able to attend the 35th class reunion.  I hope everyone there had a great time.  I've been Professor of Meteorology at the University of Northern Iowa since 1992.  Send Alan a MessageSend Alan a Message
Duea David
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October 24, 1961 Truck Driver Married 2
Hi everyone!
Still living out in the country near Rice.  I'm still married to Lois for 24 years now.  We have 2 boys, Luke 21 and Alex 19.  Luke is in the STEPS program in Little Falls where he learns independent living skills.  (Luke is autistic.)  Alex is in his second year of college at Bemidji State University. He is majoring in Sports Management.
Sure glad I'm not old enough to be a grandpa yet!!!!!!
Looking forard to seeing all of you at the reunion.
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Jeff "Doob" Evens
January 06, 1962 Civil Engineering/Engineering Instructor Married 2
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Don Eveslage
February 04, 1962 brick foreman Married 1
Overall I have had a very blessed life.2009 has beaten me up tho lately. I had ulcerative colitis(had my lg colon removed)and from that I got 3 bloodclots-according to my doc, I should be dead. I lost 40 lbs from the colitis and I only weighed 174-Ive gained 20 lbs back :). It is truely amazing when you go thru a battle,how you see whose lives youve affected in yur time -when they come out of the woodwork and help you ,saying how Ive helped them b4 in their lives ...and not even know it.Im now a firm believer in you reap what you sow and from what Ive seen... I guess i must have sown some good stuff-ive been blessed w/ many freinds.God is good my fellow grads.Other than that, Cindy and I have been married for 22 wonderful :) years. We have bred and raised German Sheperd Dogs for 20 yrs- there is another area where we have seen many amazing things. After 20 yrs tho we are getting out of that business and just relaxing. Our son is in college and working on his career. 2010 will be a very interesting year, especially in the masonry field -we will just have to wait and see -cant wait to see you all at the Radison -just a little update as of 1/1/10-I just had my 2nd operation and all is going well-just one more in March or so and Ill be back to 100% hopefully by April-TY God :)-as for the rest of you clowns out there-put in yur posts-if you think you "need" to be cool at 47-48... you better pull yur head out quick.. yur running out of air :P
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Jane Ferkinhoff ( Rudy)
May 26, 1962 Personal Banker Married 3
It's been quite an exciting life thus far.  I've been married to Jeff Rudy since 1982 and have three children between the ages of 25 and 19.  I will add more information at a later date -- I promise.  I am looking forward to seeing my old classmates.   Send Jane a MessageSend Jane a Message
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